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Exclusive Dish from 6-12 June


Red Curry Buttermilk Winglets

Red Curry / Shio Kombu / Kaffir Lime Leaf Emulsion

Winglets marinated in a red curry buttermilk rempah, fried to a crisp and finished with shio kombu. 
Served with fresh kaffir lime leaf emulsion

6-12 JUNE

Derek Cheong started his pursuit of culinary excellence at a young age. He began learning cooking though YouTube as well as cookbooks from professional chefs. Being an engineer, his hunger for technical knowledge for food has pushed him to tread deeper into the trenches of culinary arts.

After being crowned the winner of MasterChef Singapore Season 2, Derek scored a gig at World's 50 Best 2019 ranked number 1 Restaurant, Mirazur, as a chef where he got exposed to new techniques and new ingredients.


Sarah Todd x
Derek Cheong

MasterChef Singapore Winner (Season 2)

13-19 JUNE


20-26 JUNE


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There's endless fun for you and your family!

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