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Get your heart pumping! Enter a whimsical world of gigantic inflatable food by Jumptopia.

Suitable for all ages, join us for a journey through the various food cultures and have the most mind-blowing experience ever!


Brace yourself as you go down the massive slides at Tiger's Burger Joint, or leap into Eli's Noodle Bowl and get messy!


Let your little ones take on the role of a Michelin inspector as they experience 8 playful food-themed inflatable eateries!


Try your hand at these thrilling games!

Take part in the Virtual Reality (VR) Beat Saber tournament as individuals or form a tag team with your friends, or test your claw machine techniques to get your favourite plushies!

Play Here


Witness an intense live graffiti battle by Graffight!

Every Saturday / Everyone's invited

Be a part of this epic face-off which will have some of our most prominent street artist go head-to-head as they put their creativity and skills to the test.

Started in 2014, Graffight is a platform created for graffiti writers to square off against one another in a friendly battle of style and technical supremacy via the three main elements of graffiti, which are tagging, throw ups and piece. Graffight aims to be a competition platform whereby writers can compete against each other regardless of their status in the graffiti world.

Check out the star-studded line-up of judges below:



SYCO started doing graffiti in the late 90s when he was fascinated by the hip-hop and street art culture. An unorthodox artist, he has done commissioned works for brands like Nike, Zouk and Singapore Art Museum.



TraseOne started making his mark in the streets of Singapore since 1999, playing an influential role in grooming the local street art scene through exhibitions like the Singapore Street Festival, which he has been art directing since 2002.



SlacSatu is a self-taught artist and one of the pioneers in the local graffiti scene since 1998. His works are influenced by the raw energy of graffiti fused with a twist of abstract flares, resulting in a realistic style of spray painting.

Purchase your tickets online to enjoy exclusive Visa discounts!


There's endless fun for you and your family!

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